Non-Prod backups survey results

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Non-Prod backups survey results

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Here are compiled results from the April survey:

Do you backup your non-Prod servers and/or databases?

Yes, servers and databases 8 89%
Yes, just databases
No, we do not back up non-Prod 1 11%
We do something else

1 Yes, servers and databases
2 Yes, servers and databases
3 Yes, servers and databases
4 Yes, servers and databases
5 Yes, servers and databases
6 No, we do not back up non-Prod
7 Yes, servers and databases
8 Yes, servers and databases
9 Yes, servers and databases

If so, how do you backup non-Prod database environments?

1 Same as prod but retention is less
2 exports server and hot backups with NetApp SAN utilities
3 Daily
4 Commvault/RMAN
5 RMAN full Weekly backup, Difs daily, and serverteam takes a backup of the contents on the backup volume.
6 delphix has a copy
7 SAs backup our files. We use rman jobs for databases (weekly full, daily incremental).
8 Same as Production. Rman and netbackup
9 rman

What would you change about your backups, if anything?

1 Move to cloud
2 Right now we do not integrate NetApp utilities with RMAN. I would add that integration.
3 Want them to run faster
4 no response
5 I have a fairly basic RMAN script, I would like to revise it as I gain more knowledge and skill. I wish we had enterprise, so i could parallel the backups and get them done faster.
6 no response
7 I would like to try ZDLRA
8 need to move development to the cloud
9 no response
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