Meeting Minutes for October 11 - Tom Kyte

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Meeting Minutes for October 11 - Tom Kyte

Postby sam » Fri Nov 09, 2007 5:55 pm

UPSTATE New York Oracle User Group Meeting
October 11, 2007

Monroe Community College - Rochester NY

The registration process was conducted by Gretchen Butler, Oracle; Shaun Olcott of OPUS and Jae Smith of UNYOUG.  A breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes and bread was provided by Oracle.

Sam Brunacini, UNYOUG President, opened up the meeting and welcomed all those that attended, well over 100 people.  Thank you to Oracle for their help in putting together this event.   Sam urged non-members to please join UNYOUG.  This is not just a DBA group.  Developers and systems professionals are welcome.  Membership fee has been discounted to $20 per year.  Well worth the money.  

Sam gave a warm welcome and detailed introduction to the keynote speaker, Tom Kyte, Vice President, Oracle!

Tom's presentation, Innovation in Oracle Database 11g, began with the history of Oracle and SQL.  Oracle 11g topics included:
- Encrypted tablespaces were discussed in detail.  
- Cache; Client side cache, server results cache, PL/SQL function results cache.  
- Standby database.  
- Real application testing – database replay.  
- Smaller, more secure dmp files.  
- Virtual columns (similar to views, but you can “create table”).  
- Partitioning by REFERENCE.  Pivot – group by, where and filtering station combined – first time in documentation.  
- Flashback data archive.  (select * from orders AS OF ‘midnight 31-Dec-2004’)
- Finer grained dependency tracking.  
- Oracle Advanced Compression.  

There was a short break before the morning breakout sessions.  There were four of them.
- Oracle Coherence Data Grid, presented by Steve Van Hall, Oracle.
- Business Intelligence, presented by Vic Stewart.
- Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g R3 Managing in your Oracle Environment, presented by David Foster, Principal GRID Sales Consultant.
- Enterprise Content Management, presented by Jody Schiavo.

Lunch was provided by Oracle.
Admission to Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco was given away by Oracle.

There were four afternoon breakout sessions.
- Symantec/Veritas and Oracle Together, presented by Scott Myers, Symantec.
- HP Archiving, Solving Database Growth Issues, presented by Jeff Blackmon, Hewlett Packard
- Architecting Industrial Strength Oracle Solutions, presented by Scott Myers, Symantec
- Virtualization and Automation in an Oracle Grid Environment, presented by Sanjay Umarji, Hewlett Packard

Scott Canaan won a pair of tickets and tailgate party to the Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins, courtesy of Symantec!  Jae Smith and Yiying Hua each won a pair of tickets to the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals, courtesy of Serverware!

Next meeting:  December 7, 2007 at Buffalo State College.  Details to follow.
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