Live Web Demo - Developing CEP Apps Leveraging Oracle DB

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Live Web Demo - Developing CEP Apps Leveraging Oracle DB

Postby sam » Wed Oct 24, 2007 11:58 am

Enterprises have invested billions to better process the vast amounts of data stored in DBMS systems such as Oracle, but business is event driven and needs to sense and respond to important actionable database and application events in real-time for applications such as Risk Management, Compliance Verification, Customer Service, Customer Acquisition, Cross-sell, Marketing/Sales orchestration, Application Health Monitoring, SLA Processing, and more. The key to real-time, event-driven applications is to instantaneously detect and correlate seemingly unrelated events, determine business relevance, and orchestrate the resources of the IT infrastructure in response, e.g. initiate application activities or updates to the DB, send alerts and notifications, invoke web services or business processes, etc.

The solution is Complex Event Processing (CEP), a technology designed for the development of real-time, event-driven applications leveraging existing application processing and DB systems, to discover and respond to actionable patterns of events (activities) occurring or not, over varying timeframes, across the enterprise. CEP leverages years of systems development to deliver the next generation of inter- and intra-enterprise business performance management.

AptSoft is a recognized leader in enterprise CEP software providing a complete platform for developing and deploying this new class of real-time, event-driven applications and now also provides seamless integration and a unified development and execution environment between AptSoft Director for CEP and Oracle Rules Manager, the rich CEP feature of Oracle 10G and 11G Database.

AptSoft cordially invites you to attend a 1 hour, web-based overview and live demonstration of developing and deploying CEP-driven applications using Oracle DB and its gold award winning product, AptSoft Director™ for CEP.

To register for this web-based demonstration click on the link below and select the date and time of the session you wish to attend:


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