Oracle Training Returns to Rochester

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Oracle Training Returns to Rochester

Postby srcdco » Fri Oct 12, 2007 10:27 am

Oracle training has returned to Rochester via a third party, called Knowledge Fundamentals.  They are listed on Oracle's education website.  They have been trying to offer classes (and I've been trying to attend), but they are not getting enough people signed up and the classes keep being canceled.  Here is the link to their list of Oracle classes: ... p?catid=23[. Keep in mind that they aren't putting years on the dates, and I believe they are all 2007 dates, since Oracle hasn't posted the first quarter 2008 schedule yet.
Please look at the list and sign up for training locally!  I don't know about all businesses, but here at RIT, training and travel come out of the same budget, so if we can eliminate the travel expense, we can get more training.

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