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Huge pages

Postby bgrenn » Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:17 pm

I am hoping that this topic is not new to you.  If so, please check out huge pages, and how to utilze them with Oracle.. Huge pages can give you an improvement in performance.

During my Exadata POC, I got mixed messages on Huge pages.  Oracle recommends against using them, and others in the industry speak gushingly about them.  I decided to post on Linked In groups about them (there is a great exadata group).  None other than Tanel Podor chimed in, and answered my question.  Tanel is probably one of the top Oracle Performance perfessionals in the world.  Here is his answer, and keep in mind Huge pages is not exadata specific.  We use them in all our non-exadata production environments.
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