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Clone Db

Postby bgrenn » Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:39 pm

Never heard of it ?? Well it is a new feature with  You can take your rman back, some nas storage, and open it up for write.. It creates new blocks on write on a NFS mounted device, but it is so cool !!  Kind of like a flex clone.  Netapp must be a little worried :)

Here is a little more information on it from an openworld presentation.

Databases often replicated for test and development
Replicating databases is time-intensive
Requires lots of disk space, even when data stays static
Solution – dNFS CloneDB
Instantaneously replicate your production database for testing, development, reporting
Works for all NAS storage
Data replicated on cloned database only when necessary – when data is modified
Available in
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